The Fiber Center is Part of The Fryeburg Fair, Fryeburg, Maine

The Fiber Center 2017 Daily Event Schedule has been published

The Fiber Center 2017 Daily Event Schedule has been published and can be seen on the Schedule tab above.

2017 Guest Artist

Shepherd’s Rugs at Good Tyddyn Farm
The Badershall Family
Freeman Township ME

Each rug is a truly unique, braided raw wool rug, a primitive yet functional work of art. We set out to create a true shepherd’s rug; one that the shepherdess could create using only the wool just as it came from her sheep and her hands.
Our rugs are crafted with raw wool from our own flock. We have crossed Olde English Southdown, Corriedale, and Shetland, each bringing its unique qualities to produce the perfect wool for our rugs, rugs that are beautiful yet durable and easy to care for.

Maine Weaver & Master Dyer Linda Whiting to Exhibit as Guest Artist at the Fiber Center 2015

"Over and Under - a Weaver's Journey" created by Linda Whiting will be featured in this year's Upper Gallery Exhibition in the Fiber Center this year. Guest Artist Linda Whiting brings her expertise as a master colorist and weaver to the forefront in this exhibit featuring her detailed tapestries using yarns that she custom dyes for specific effect. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed as she expresses her visions in her weavings using color to give dimension and vibrancy to her work.

Don't miss her collection and her weaving journey as her work has evolved over the last years!

The Exhibit is open daily during fair week  
 from October 4th - October 10th - 9am - 9pm  
Sunday October 11th - 9am - 6pm


Maine Fiber Artist Jan Winsor is known for her life like renditions of animals, using wool to create sculptures and paintings. Ms. Winsor’s new collection will be the featured Guest Artist Exhibit at The Fiber Center, during the 2014 Fryeburg Fair.  The Exhibition is open from Sunday September 28th to Saturday October 4th, 9am to 9pm daily


Animal Magnetism - An exhibition of needle felted works celebrating animals and their magnificent spirits.

Animals have always been my favorite subject matter for all mediums.  Creating pictures and sculptures with fiber is especially rewarding to me because the animals I love become part of my artwork.  I have my own flock of sheep and enjoy the peaceful energy that being around them provides for me.
Animal Magnetism seemed like the perfect title for my exhibit since I’m drawn like a magnet to animals.  I did some research and discovered the term animal magnetism was used in the 18th century by Franz Mesmer.  It was his belief that all animals are surrounded by an invisible energy field.  He believed this energy force could have physical effects including healing.
Many cultures in both ancient and modern times believe in life force energy or energy fields that surround all animals and humans.  They also believe that those energy fields can be tapped into as a form of alternative medicine.
Interests in Native American culture lead me to discover animal totems.  The traditional belief is each individual is connected with nine different animals who act as guides throughout your life.  The animal guides will come and go as needed but there is one main spirit guide animal that stays with you and offers power and wisdom when communicated with.  Insight can be gained when the characteristics of your totem animal are observed.  A totem itself refers to many types of items that are a symbol representing that animal.
The needle felted wool paintings in this exhibit are titled with a characteristic or power displayed by the animal that could be focused on for spirit guidance.
I grew up in Natick, Massachusetts always having a love for animals and art. 
I studied education and art in Massachusetts and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Art from Framingham State College and an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Massachusetts Bay Community College.
As a child every summer was spent with my family at Sebago Lake so I was thrilled when my husband’s career brought us and our two children to live in Maine full time.
I began teaching at an elementary school in 1999.  There I met two women, Janet Conner and Karen Smith who introduced me to fiber arts.  After exploring this art form, I found it was perfect for me.  It combines art, animals and teaching in one endeavor!   By 2002 I had my first sheep. 

I currently live on a small farm in Gorham, Maine with my husband, 16 sheep, 2 dogs and 3 cats.  With the last name of Winsor and since we are a family of four we named our farm Four Winds Farm.

Fiber Center 2014 Schedule has been published

The 2014 Fiber Center is looking to be another stellar year of non stop activity!

Check out the schedule page to find your favorite event and join us during fair week from September 28th to October 5th.

Hope to see you there!

Maine Mitten Project Count Rising!

The Maine Mitten Project got under way last fall and was promoted during Fryeburg Fair week in 2012. We've nearly come full circle for our first year and some of our collection results are in.

Our Mailed in donations from various donors including folks who heard of us through and Artful, and items collected at the Heart of Biddeford, Rangely Libabry, and Scarborough Library have totaled 525 items! 

I can happily report that from the Heart of Biddeford donor location we have collected 146 pieces with more than half of those donations coming from Suzy Mullen. Way to go Suzy!

With a few other collection locations still to account for including our huge supporter Close Knit Sister's Yarn Shop in N Conway, NH, I fully expect to reach our goal of 1000 pieces!

After the fair is ended I will complete a final report which I will post including acknowledgment of all donors.


The Fiber Center at Fryeburg Fair - 2013

The 2013 Fiber Center Schedule is now available. As always we have LOTS going on and something for everyone to enjoy!

click on the schedule tab at the top of the blog

This year you are getting a 2nd chance to see the Maine Crochet Reef Project which last year was a huge success! With more than 900 pieces created by more than 150 people it seemed well worth showing one more time before it comes down.

Whatever you do BE SURE TO LOOK UP when you enter The Fiber Center or you will miss some amazing stuff!

In addition to the Maine Reef Exhibition we will be featuring our collection of hand made hats mittens and scarves donated to the Maine Mitten Project. A project encouraging Kind Souls to make Mittens, Hats, and Scarves to benefit Maine's homeless.

This community project was more successful that I could have imagined and so we will be repeating it as our 2014 community project. Please visit the Maine Mitten Project blog or see us at teh Fiber Center during fair week for more information, free patterns, and to learn how you can participate next year!

If you have some hand-mades that you would like to donate for this year's distribution, you can bring them to The Fiber Center during fair week.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!