The Fiber Center is Part of The Fryeburg Fair, Fryeburg, Maine

Fiber Center Volunteers

Since the Fiber Center opened it's doors in 2004, it takes a group of 30-40 volunteers to present the educational demonstrations and programing that we offer. It is an enormous task to put the pieces of the puzzle together and it would be impossible for me to do it without the loyal and special women & men who have been a part of our program some of them for many years. 

Please join me in honoring the many who have been participating with continuous service in Fiber Education at Fryeburg Fair as confirmed from our records dating back to 1998.

These are AMAZING people who continue to give their time and energy,sharing their passion.  

Please join me in applauding them all with many thanks! 

Gale Bellew
Organizer of Fiber at Fryeburg - Since 1991 Fiber Center Superintendent - Since 2004
(please let me know if I have left someone out or if you have older data)


Since 1991:
Lyn Terranova - Fiber Show and Sales

Since 1998:
Janet Conner - Demonstrator
Joan Jenness - Demonstrator
Roberta McLellan - Demonstrator
Rindy O'Brien - Demonstrator
Karen Smith - Demonstrator
Jane Sumner - Demonstrator - 1998 - 2008
                        Fiber Show - since 2008

Since 1999:
Beth Acker - Demonstrator
Ellen Hedglin - Demonstrator
Val Sullivan - Demonstrator
Linda Whiting - Demonstrator

Since 2000:
Karen Cornell - Demonstrator

Since 2001:
Kim Kaslow - Demonstrator
Beth James Coppithorne - Demonstrator

Since 2003: Betsey Leslie - Demonstrator

Since 2005: Sue Connolly - Demonstrator
Janet Goodwin - Demonstrator
Peter O'Brien - Demonstrator

Since 2007: Tony Carrier - Demonstrator
Marty Elkin - Demonstrator
Mary Ann Haxton - Demonstrator
Jerry Wax - Demonstrator

Since 2008:
Jen Smith - Demonstrator

Since 2009: Melanie Moore - Demonstrator

Since 2010:
Karen Tompson - Demonstrator

Since 2011:
Drucilla Beal - Demonstrator
Jan Winsor - Demonstrator

Honorable Mention Volunteers who served as "regulars" for a period of time or off and on over the years: 

Marilynn Ackley
Sue Bradbury
Marc Chabe
Lisa Charette
Debbie Clafee
Fred Conner
Kathy Cooper
Michelle Day
Michelle Delucia
Carol Denison
Elise Earl
Lee Farrell
Lindy Gallup
Anne Gass
Gil Gonsalves
Liz Grover
Ken Kaslow
Diane Knowlen
Micheal Kozel
Cindy Lavan
Cindy Mckowen
Joe Miller
Susan Mills
Cindy Mingle
Melanie Moore
Laurie Phillips
Lisa Pyburn
Jim & Karen Prichard
Jodie Richards
Su Richards
Lucy Rogres
Sybil Shiland
Doreen Simmons
Jodie & Alecia Smith
Denise Snyder
Joe Terranova
Bill Thompson
Hilary Ware
Brandon Wooley
Debra Wooley